1: Former Yungerleit

Ezras Achim is an organization close to my heart.

I had the zechus of living and learning in Eretz Yisroel for XX years — an experience that shaped the future of my family. It was a beautiful opportunity, but it didn’t come without challenges. 

The challenges of Chutz L’Aretz yungerleit are unique in that they have to navigate them on their own. 

Little to no family nearby, 

limited employment opportunities, 

and a culture built with unfamiliar bureaucracy.

For 34 years, Ezras Achim has taken the thousands of Chutz L’Aretz yungerleit under their care. With a unique vetting and distribution process, funds are given in the most dignified and discreet manner so there is no shame for the receiving yungerman. 

They have helped so many in my chaburah, kollel and neighborhood. 

They operate with over a $2M annual budget and are completely volunteer led, so you can feel confident that your donation is going directly to help a yungerman learn with menuchas hanefesh.

Here is the link to my page. If you can help me out with supporting this choshuve cause, I’d really appreciate it!

Thank you and tizku l’mitzvos!

2: General Raiser

Hi (NAME) 

There is an organization, Ezras Achim, that I am proud to partner with and help support!

Their mission is simple in theory— enable chutz l’aretz yungerleit in eretz yisroel to continue learning with hasmada and menuchas hanefesh. 

Though in reality, this means raising over $2M to cover the necessary funds each year. 

Ezras Achim was founded under the directive of gedolai yisroel, and for 34 years has made a tremendous impact on those facing challenging financial situations.

Distributions include monthly stipends, on-time crisis funds, yom tov stipends and subsidies. 

Please, help me help them reach the goal in the current campaign.

3: General - Stats

I am partnering with Ezras Achim in their work of upholding chutz L’aretz yungerleit in Eretz Yisroel! 

Their impact:

$2,095,028 funds distributed in 2023

$324,073 in yom tov distributions 

$111,835 in emergency on-time funds

56 participating mosdos

Please join us as we raise $2,000,000 in the next 72 hours!

4: Explaining Ezras Achim

I am a proud raiser for Ezras Achim!
Let me tell you a little about them. 

Yungerleit from all over the world — our kehilos, our relatives, our friends — choose to settle and build a life of limud hatorah in Eretz Yisroel, bravely living far from family. 

They live simply, choosing this elevated life. 

But when an unexpected need arises or income takes a knock, the challenge becomes much more difficult far from supportive family. 

Ezras Achim steps in, noticing, caring, and easing the burden — like family. 

There are 130 volunteer gabboim across 56 mosdos that American and European yungerleit commonly learn in. These gabboim have their finger on the pulse, watching and noticing if someone is in a difficult situation. 

If a need is verified, the yungerman begins receiving a monthly stipend or one-time funds to supplement their income. All before he even needs to ask. 

Ezras Achim - upholding our yungerleit in Eretz Yisroel with dignity. 

Challenges that can stretch a yungerman’s financial resources happen. 

A wife on maternity leave. A toddler needing early intervention. A sensitive situation requiring therapy. 

The supplementary funds not only cover the technical expenses, but add a sense of security for the family. Relieving the financial burden restores the peace and harmony in the home which is often compromised under stressful circumstances.   

Ezras Achim - provided support when it is needed most. 

Please join me and help support Ezras Achim. 

Help support our Yungerleit.